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Overseas References
Campus Compact is a national (USA) coalition of more than 1,100 college and university presidents - representing some 6 million students - dedicated to promoting community service, civic engagement, and service-learning in higher education. 
At Campus Compact, there is a great collection of syllabi from many disciplines and institutions.
National Service Learning Clearinghouse, USA
- NSLC offers the following: information and resources, Email discussion lists for K-12, community-based, tribes and territories, and higher education service-learning, Library collection available to grantees and subgrantees of the Corporation for National and Community Service
Service Learning, Purdue University
- nearly 300 courses that integrate service learning components into their design and implementation.
The Netter Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania
- In 2009-10, 61 Academically Based Community Service Courses (ABCS) were taught by 51 distinct faculty representing 5 schools and 22 departments.
CommuniTech is a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania that aims to assist neighborhoods in need by supplying them with computers and teaching technology skills to their residents.
Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good, University of San Francisco
- It supports undergraduate and graduate academic programs, provides service learning, and government experiences for students and generates publishable research.
Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University
- more than 100 Stanford students who will serve locally, nationally, and internationally this summer and next year.
MIT Public Service Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- Through service learning, MIT faculty and students have partnered with community clients to address real-world problems, including irrigation technology in the developing world, communication to support new models of rare-disease research, architectural design for housing and schools, and economic revitalization plans for New Orleans.
Center for Community Learning, UCLA
- Some courses include direct service (e.g. tutoring and mentoring) while others emphasize research as service (e.g. community-based research on the environment or public health).
Engineers for Community Services (ECOS), The Ohio State University
- ECOS is a student organization that promotes social responsibility through local and international service learning projects.
Service Learning, Blum Center for Development Economics, UC Berkeley
- An integral role of the Blum Center is to serve as a resource for all Cal students that want to engage in service learning programs that are specifically designed to alleviate global suffering. Currently the Center is conducting research on international service learning programs and establishing relationships with potential partners so that it can assist all students, including those in the Global Poverty & Practice Minor, who are looking to make first-hand contributions.
Community-Based Learning Initiative, Princeton University
- The Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI) connects students' academic work with their interest in and concern for the communities around the University. Working with local nonprofits, students develop research projects, collect and analyze data, and share their results and conclusions, not just with their professors, but also with organizations and agencies that can make use of the information. Working with CBLI, students can do community-based research in courses, as a summer research internship, and as part of their junior paper or senior thesis.

Swearer Center for Public Service, Brown University
- Through programming, advising and fellowships, the Swearer Center engages the university in collaborations with local partners to strengthen communities and better prepare students to lead lives of effective action.  



Local (Hong Kong) References

Community Service Learning Programme, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University
ICARE, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Social Innovation & Global Citizenship, University of Hong Kong

Relevant Publications

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering