Call for Applications: Service-Learning Education Capacity Enhancement Scheme -
2-Year Thematic Service Projects (2017 and 2018)

The Service-Learning Education Capacity Enhancement Scheme (the “Scheme”) is funded by the Lee Hysan Foundation with the aim of consolidating and enhancing PolyU’s Service- Learning (SL) program and effectuation through a sustainable and integrated platform. The objectives of the Scheme are:

To consolidate PolyU’s SL experience of developing impactful and sustainable service projects for the local community;
To build up local SL model(s) to promote learning and teaching of SL among higher education institutions in HK; and
To bring in successful PolyU alumni in the field to promote tripartite collaboration among the university, alumni and students in serving the community.
The funding for 2-year Thematic Service Projects (2017 and 2018) is now open for application. Only credit-bearing SL subjects with local projects that bring a tangible benefit to the service beneficiaries and that are currently NOT receiving additional funding from sources other than the GUR funding will be considered. Each project should involve at least a team of 40 PolyU students per year. The funding will be approved for two years in principle, subject to the submission of annual progress reports with clear evidence of impact. The maximum funding is HK$60,000 per project per year.
The two sets of Guidelines for Applications and Application Form are attached. Completed application forms prior endorsed by the Head of the Host Department should be submitted to osl.info@polyu.edu.hk on or before 31 March (Friday).
Tel: 2766 4376 Email: oslinfo@polyu.edu.hk Office: TU428
Service-Learning Education Capacity Enhancement Scheme Application Guidelines (2017 and 2018)
SL Project Application Form (2017 and 2018)