Financial Subsidy Scheme for offshore Service-Learning projects

Service-Learning Requirement is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate students in PolyU. In current practice, almost all credit-bearing service-learning (SL) subjects with offshore projects require participating students to pay certain amount as trip fee to cover part of the travelling cost. Hence, the University has set up this scheme under the administration of the Office of Service-Learning. Students enrolled on SL subjects with an offshore project and having demonstrable financial difficulties in paying the trip fee may apply for financial subsidies.  

All full-time UGC-funded undergraduate students who are:
taking the credit-bearing service-learning-subject-related offshore projects.. (Students joining pilot projects will only be considered under very special circumstances.)
receiving over half of government grant or loan (i.e. the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)); and/or having demonstrable financial difficulties in paying the trip fee, for example: receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), or family member has a long-term /serious illness.
taking the first credit-bearing service-learning subject.
Points to Note:  
1) The Office of Service-Learning (OSL) may contact you if further information is needed.
2) The maximum amount of subsidy is the trip fee required to pay per student for the offshore service-learning project. Deposit and other expenses incurred, if any, will not be considered.
3) 3. Successful applicant is required to provide certain hours of voluntary service or submit a post-trip service report assigned by the OSL.
4) The subsidy will be reimbursed to students upon completion of the project or requirement, successful applicant should notify the OSL after trip for subsidy arrangement.
5) Submission deadline for Semester 1 or 2 will be on or before the 8th semester week; deadline for summer term will be on or before 2nd semester week. This form must be submitted with all supporting documents in hard copy to the OSL at TU428 during the offering semester.
6) The OSL reserves the right not to accept late submission or application with insufficient information.
7) The OSL has full discretion over the acceptance or rejection of an application and the amount of subsidy.
8) For enquiries, please contact the OSL at 2766-4376 or oslinfo@polyu.edu.hk.
Application Form