Lee Hysan Scholarship for Service-Learning Exchange 2017 (First Round)

We need passionate and committed students like “YOU” to build a sustainable Service-Learning culture together for better Hong Kong.

The Lee Hysan Scholarship for Service-Learning Exchange is funded by the Lee Hysan Foundation. It aims to provide financial support for PolyU students to engage in service-learning (SL) exchange or internship at a recognised overseas university for at least one semester.  
The objectives are:
To develop students’ global citizenship and broaden their perspective on SL;
To nurture motivated students to become SL leaders; and
To facilitate knowledge exchange, bring in new insight and contribute to SL development of PolyU and Hong Kong.
The call for applications for the year of 2017 is now open. Current PolyU full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students who a) have successfully completed a credit-bearing SL subject at PolyU or equivalent; b) have received /will receive an offer from an overseas university for academic exchange or internship for at least one semester; and c) have enrolled/will enrol in a credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing SL subject/course/project/internship in that overseas university are invited to apply.  
We have more than 15 places for the year of 2017 and even more places for the year of 2018 and 2019. Please seize this golden opportunity to serve and learn. Successful applicants will receive a maximum award of HK$80,000, and will be required to act as SL leaders making contribution to SL development at PolyU under the PolyU Lee Hysan Service-Learning Scholars Network, and take part in related activities organized by PolyU and the Lee Hysan Foundation during and after the exchange. For details, please refer to the enclosed Guidelines and Application Form.  
Duly completed application form should be submitted to Miss Suki Ho of Office of Service-Learning at TU428 or via oslinfo@polyu.edu.hk on or before 28 October 2016 (Fri).  
Tel: 2766 4376 Email: oslinfo@polyu.edu.hk Office: TU428
LHF Scholarship for Service-Learning Exchange – Guidelines
Application Form  with  Appendix 1 – LHF Service-Learning Exchange Form

SL University Exchange List (for reference only)